My name is Lisa, and I like cheese.


I have a Master's degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. I made my first website in 1999, using a lynx browser. My professional experience ranges from editorial to marketing to web development. I like making websites. I'd like to make one for you. Contact me at lisa.f.cho AT

Stepmonster Website

Website created in Photoshop

Official Website for Wednesday Martin, author of Stepmonster

Flash Animation

Concerning Lessons Learned from the Aliens

Created for a class, an animation made in Flash


Flights of Napa

Built and designed for Doubledown Media, a microsite for an exclusive event. Built in Flash, minor actionscripting, minor PHP, linked to an e-commerce site that I also developed.


I care about best practices, SEO, and making sites that make sense for both user and viewer. Go to the blog for more thoughts.